Ego Autem dico vobis "M.Sc. Computer Science, Software Engineering and IT Management"

Ciao, I am Francesco Garofalo and I am XR Software Engineer, I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and master’s degree in Software Engineer and IT Management.

Why a Blog?

I like to communicate and I like doing it in my sector, IT. My goal is to create a perfect union between information technology and what is there, telling its story, the present, possible future scenarios and how information technology can enhance what surrounds us.

What topics do I discuss?

Computer science in general is my target but most of the posts are about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and development with these technologies, I also write about less technical and more general things about code, applications and IT security; there may also be posts with a controversial streak. ;)

My background

I graduated in Computer Science and [Software Engineer and IT Management] (https://corsi.unisa.it/informatica-magistrale/), always passionate about the world XR (on which I did both the bachelor’s and master’s thesis).

You can find my resume here.

Other channels to follow me

You can follow me on GitHub, on Instagram or on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/ francesco182g)

You can contact me here or leave a comment in the box below the post.

I also have a Youtube Channel where I constantly upload video tutorials, you can also follow me there if you want;)

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